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Bachelor of commerce

bachelor of accounting

Course Title:

Bachelor of commerce

Course Overview:

Bachelor of commerce is an under graduate degree in business. The Bachelor of Commerce is an ideal pathway to a professional career. Employment opportunities span the globe in business, government and the not-for-profit sector. Our Business School's Bachelor of Commerce program offers its students a strong commercial grounding in the main areas of business, preparing you for a career in virtually any field, anywhere in the world. It also offers you the flexibility to combine specialty study in a wide range of majors, allowing you to tailor your degree to suit your career aspirations and help you to get where you want to go. A degree in Commerce provides you with the scope to enter a wide range of business fields, reflected in the various majors offered within this degree.

Study Mode:

3 Years


January ,April & September

Entry Requirements:

STPM with 2 principal or PNGK minimum 2.00 / Pass certificate in related field / Pass A-level with 2 subject and pass O-level / pass matriculation or foundation programme with PNGK 2.00/ Diploma pass any related field with PNGK 2.5 / Other equivalent qualification recognized by the Government of Malaysia.

Course Details:

Bachelor of Commerce
SEMESTER 1 - Year 1
  1. Language 1 – French 1
  1. English 1
  1. Managerial Economics & DecisionMaking I
  1. Principle of Accountancy
  1. Computer Applications in Business
  1. Environmental Studies
  1. Bahasa Kebangsaan A (SPM BM Pass) (MPU2)
  1. Leadership and Interpersonal Skill
SEMESTER 2 - Year 1
  1. Language 2 – French 2
  1. English 2
  1. Statistics for Business
  1. Managerial Economics & DecisionMaking II
  1. Financial Accounting 
  1. Principle of Marketing
  1. Soft Skill (MPU 4)
SEMESTER 3 - Year 2
SEMESTER 4 - Year 2
  1. Retail Sales Management
  1. Cost Accounting
  1. Business Communication
  1. Computer System II
  1. Advanced Accounting 1
  1. Business Law
  1. Moral Studies (MPU 3)
  1. Islam Studies
SEMESTER 5 - Year 3
  1. Taxation Law and Practice
  1. Advanced Accounting 11
  1. Management Accounting
  1. Principle of Auditing
  1. Strategic Management
  1. Human Resource Management
SEMESTER 6 - Year 3
  1. Business Finance
  1. Customer Relationship Management
  1. International Business
  1. E-Commerce
  1. Elective I
  1. Elective II
SEMESTER 7 - Year 3
  1. Elective II
  1. Elective III
Elective 1
  1. Brand Management
  1. Fundamentals of Insurance
Elective 2
  1. Entrepreneurial Development
  1. Supply Chain Management
  1. Principles of Web Designing
Elective 3
  1. Financial Markets and Institution
  1. Insurance Marketing

Bachelor of commerce

Victoria International college's Bachelor of commerce degree is in demand and one that is highly valued by employers. A degree in commerce will give you a thorough understanding of the economy and business, beyond the daily management of an organisation. Students will learn how a business operates, as well as explore how all the economic, political, social, cultural and technological decisions that go along with businesses can positively and negatively impact on our society, or even the world. Students also acquire the knowledge about accounting, corporate finance, international business, management and marketing.

Why Choose this Course?

The Bachelor of Commerce degree program prepares you for a career in accounting, banking, financial management, information systems and management. Students will develop high-level skills to manage, organize and invest money, and learn how to develop financial policies and products. B.Com is a popular choice, One of the reasons for this is that a job in commerce offers good job security, a respectable salary and decent annual leave.
The combination of core skills and specialist knowledge learned in the Bachelor of Commerce will ensure you can adapt effectively to the ever-changing business environment and as a result be in high demand with employers.

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